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Why You Should Make An Appointment With Us Before You Buy Your Boots Online

We know, we know it's hard to pass up a good deal and we, just like you, pride ourselves in finding the best price for our gear. But the brutal honesty is that those ski or snowboard boots you're looking to buy online might not be right for your foot shape let alone ideal for your riding style. While they might have won several awards or performed best in test there's a good chance you're online good deal is going to leave you with sore feet and a half used $100 lift ticket.

"But who do you turn to when the Internet can’t be relied upon? If only there were a person with expert knowledge about boots and feet, conveniently located where ski equipment is sold! Enter the bootfitter. A good bootfitter is like a barber and a mechanic — the best can also stand in for most therapists — wrapped up into one individual. They know ski boots inside and out (literally) and can tailor the right one to an individual’s specific foot and skiing style." - Bowden, Tanner. "Why You Should Never Buy Your Ski Boots Online". Gear Patrol, Feb 2020.

While we feel like Gear Patrol has hit this one on the head we also know that there are great deals to be had online and some of you are on a tight budget. Let us be your second opinion before hitting 'Buy Now' on that 'perfect pair' of boots. Because let's be real you likely haven't tried them on, as they're being shipped from New Jersey, and winter's right around the corner so there's no time to waste. When you schedule a one-on-one appointment with us we'll give you our expert opinion and confirm whether or not those boots you've been eyeing online will truly work for you + your $40 fit assessment fee can be applied towards future boot work, it's a win-win.

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